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Perroquet Room

8 to 10 people
from €85 to €165 for a 2-hour Karaoke session

The parrot wallpaper sends you flying into a vibrantly colourful world where the party vibe never stops and the energy keeps on flowing.

  • Touch-screen tablet to play from a selection of over 60,000 titles and create playlists

  • 3 professional

  • 1 full HD

  • Choice of
    light settings

  • Choice of
    settings for music

  • Soundproofed

  • Drink ordering service in the rooms

  • Air conditioning

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  • playlist-fan-des-annees-80
  • playlist-fin-de-siecle-90
  • musique-de-series
  • playlist-rap-francais
  • playlist-totally-2000

New! Blind Test

Experience the very first blind test featuring voice recognition technology.
All our clients are raging about it!

New! Blind Test

Cocktail bar and finger food

The ideal, cosy place to indulge in a classic cocktail or one of our specials, and a range of draught beers, wines, champagne and spirits...

  • Cocktail bar and finger food 1
  • Cocktail bar and finger food 2
  • Cocktail bar and finger food 3
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  • https://boakaraokeroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/bar-cocktail-brussels-boa-karaoke.jpg
  • https://boakaraokeroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/brussels-cocktails-boa.jpg
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